Taz Well Servicing Ltd.

Taz Well Servicing Ltd. is C.O.R. certified and has its profiles, WCB ratings, safety stats and insurance documentation published on ISNetworld and Complyworks Ltd. We provide Coil Tubing services to western Canada. The fleet is deployed from the Operations Centre in Red Deer. Pricing is competitive. Price quotes are available on request.

Services include

Cleanouts / removal of fracturing & produced sand, scale and wax
Cementing, acidizing & stimulation fluid placement
Drilling & underbalanced drilling in vertical and horizontal wells
Milling, fishing, scraping & reaming
Velocity string installation, steel & composite
Logging & perforating
Setting and pulling of plugs
Placements & retrieval of production plugs packers & retainers

N2 Shocking


Data acquisition with MEDCO System includes real time monitoring of:
string weight
circulation/well head pressure
flow rate/flow total

Coil depth

4800m 2 3/8"
3300m 2”
4400m 1.75”
4500m 1.50”
4000m 1.25”

Other Info
Up to 100K Push/ Pull injectors
10K Iron

TOM- Laser diameter measuring tool
TAS-Tubing analysis system to measure stress, fluid ,unloading kill fluids
FACT- fatigue analysis
DART- Data Acquisition and Real Time processing

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